Yale Digital Door Lock Review: What to buy?

Yale YDR323 RFID Digital Door Lock

Sophistication and convenience. This is the promise of this modern and sleek Yale RFID door lock.

Key Features:

  • RFID card
  • Touch keypad
  • Auto-lock and double lock
  • Emergency power and low battery notification

In case you lose your manual key access, this model allows you to re-register without the hassle of the usual validation process. We also love the safe thumb-turn feature, which for us adds to the overall security features of this door lock.

Yale YDR3110 RFID Digital Door Lock

This digital lock from Yale offers two ways of opening your door, via a PIN code or through a proximity card key. The touchpad can only be seen when the owner touches the screen with the palm. It also offers an automatic lock system once the door is locked correctly.

Key features we love:

  • Low battery and emergency power
  • Missing key invalidation
  • Operation status notification
  • Smart Touchpad

It also alarms if there is an attempt to break or damage the lock. If PIN and card is not enough for you, you can also use the optional remote control that can work up to 50 meters.

Yale YDM 4109RL Intelligent Biometric Digital Door Lock

Aside from PIN, this lock offers a fingerprint scanner to access the door. It also added some extra measures when it comes to security.

Key features we love:

  • Voice Guide
  • Anti-panic egress with Safe handle
  • Scramble code
  • Alarm (Break / Damage)

With its scramble code feature, you can assign random numbers before or after the correct PIN code to reduce the chances of exposing the right code to other people.

It also requires the user to complete the opening of the door by touching the palm on the keypad after entering the password to remove the residual fingerprints.

Yale YDME50 RFID Bedroom Digital Door Lock

This lock as three modes, PIN code, RF card, and Mechanical Key. It also has emergency power in case the blackout happens.

Key features we love:

  • 3 in 1 Access Lock (PIN, RF Card & Mechanical Key
  • Mechanical key override
  • Anti-Panic egress

Specially made for bedrooms, especially when you have confidential and sensitive documents hidden. This lock also offers an anti-panic escape for emergencies.

Yale YDD324 RFID Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

Imagine having security of a deadbolt, except its more automated and reliable. This is what this unique deadbolt digital door lock offers.

Key features:

  • RFID card
  • Touch keypad
  • Auto-lock and double lock
  • Emergency power and low battery notification

For an added security feature, it comes with an intrusion alarm, which is activated when someone is forcibly removing the lock or opening the door. Security and peace of mind at your fingertips.

Yale YDR343 Slimmest Digital Door Lock + DDV1

One of the thinnest designs of digital locks in the market today. It’s subtle and does not attract attention, unlike other sophisticated locks.

Key features:

  • Advance mode for more professional and higher requirements of security management
  • High-temperature design
  • Safe knob
  • Touchpad and card access

This slim design also comes with mirror magic, which basically gives you a rearview while inputting the passcode for added security.

Yale YDM4115 Digital Door Lock

This lock offers a smart security solution for every home. This is one of the most advanced digital door lock models from Yale, and it did not disappoint.

Key features:

  • Fingerprint access
  • Fake Pin Code
  • Voice Guide Feature
  • Multiple access, including manual override

We love the one-touch fingerprint verification of this digital lock. No need to spend more than a minute trying to attempt entry in your own home.

More About Yale Digital Door Lock

The Yale Digital Door Lock is fashioned to blend harmoniously into the digital residence, offering a substantial boost in security. 

Design Attributes

  • Irradiated keypad and touchscreen for nightfall access
  • Easy  to programme and alter the  4 -12 figure PIN code
  • User setting and codes stay unchanged even after changing batteries
  • Stylish aesthetics 
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery and Wireless operated
  • Provisional PIN code for guests, hence, no call to disclose your household PIN code 
  • Boosted security
  • Obtainable in both simple, classic, vandalism-resistant keypad or long-lasting touchscreen
  • Totally phase out call to handle keys
  • Operational efficacy
  • Obtainable in Z-Wave or ZigBee configurations
  • Usable on all typical exterior and interior doors